Space Flu

The original case for influenza coming from space as presented by Prof Sir Fred Hoyle and Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe in 1978-9 was not well made.  They are astronomers and mathematicians rather than microbiologists and relied heavily on statistical "proofs" for their case.   To microbiology and medicine the origin of influenza viruses was well known and understood, even in 1979.  The origin of "flu" , its method of transmission and its control is undisputed by those who work in this field of research.  Influenza viruses develop from bird (eg chicken) and pig viruses, and there is overwhelming evidence to support this view.

However,  Professors Hoyle and  Wickramasinghe continue to promote the misguided idea of "Space Flu", with a new article in the London Guardian newspaper,  published in January 2000.  Once again they have attracted media coverage and controversy.  Not only are biologists rejecting their ideas, but so are experts in meteorite and Cometary science.

Other references:
The Dilemma of Influenza previous article by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. .

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