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By using our Site, you agree to play by the rules listed below (and the rules our lawyers have written ). If you can't play by the rules, please do not use our Site.

  1. No copying. All of the games, pictures and other things you find on this Site are here for you to learn and play with, but not for you to copy and keep. Please do not give or sell them to anyone or pretend you made them.
  2. Users should be nice to each other. We want Guardians to be a clean and safe place for you to learn and play. If you ever receive any strange, rude or threatening messages from other users of this Site, or see something you do not like, please let us know, or let your parents know. You can let us know by clicking here to send us a message.
  3. You give us permission to use your ideas and writings. If you write something cool or clever on the message board or in a chat room, we might just use it. When you post messages or use the chat rooms, you are telling us that it's okay to repeat whatever you write, or to use it in any way we want, including in advertisements for the Site.
  4. Other Materials. We can also use anything like drawings, sounds, or photographs you upload to the Site or send to us in hardcopy.
  5. Check withyou teachers, mom or dad before posting. Before you send us anything, you should always check to first make sure it's okay with your parents.
  6. We can't control and are not responsible for what other users write. We are not responsible for any submissions or other material posted on our Site. Please do not write or post through our Site anything that is nasty, mean, bullying, illegal or anything you have copied from other websites or other sources.


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