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Martin Caidin: "Destination Mars: In Art, Myth and Science". Penguin Studio 1997

"The Travellers's Guide to Mars", by Pauls and Facaros, pub. Cadogan 1997.

Marc Carlotto: "The Martian Enigmas: A Closer Look" [Face on Mars etc]: North Atlantic 1997

Peter Cattermole: "Mars, the Story of the Red Planet": Chapman and Hall 1993 [technical]

Arthur C. Clarke: "The Sands of Mars" -various [first book on terraforming Mars.]

Richard Hoagland: "The Monuments of Mars": North Atlantic 1987 [face etc]

William Graves Hoyt: "Lowell and Mars": Univ. of Arizona 1996 [scientific biog. of Lowell and analysis of Mars Canal furore]

Kieffer et al : "Mars"- Arizona 1992 [Analysis of Viking data, hefty and pricey text, but it's all there!]

William Sheehan:"The Planet Mars": Arizona 1996 [one of best texts on early observation of Mars]

Robert Zubrin: "The Case for Mars" : Free Press 1996 [how to go to Mars - now].


Kevin Anderson: "War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches" - Bantam 1996 [reports of the invasion]

Stephen Baxter: "Voyage"- Harper Collins 1997 [JFK survives, and pushes for mission to Mars]

Ben Bova: "Mars" - Bantam 1992 [realistic account of mission to Mars]

Ray Bradbury: "The Martian Chronicles" - various [classic, poetic and evocative]

Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Barsoom" books - various [classic stories of fictional Mars]

Robert Heinlein: "Stranger in a Strange Land" - various [ important work]

Ian McDonald: "Desolation Road" - Bantam 1988 [terraforming Mars]

Kim Stanley Robinson: "Red Mars " - Bantam Spectra 1992 [the best of the three books. Long, with ludicrously compressed technological timetable, but excellent descriptive passages at the start of each chapter. Good stimulus material]

H. G. Wells: "The War of the Worlds"- various [classic invasion text - notes are widely available]

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