Mathematics and Mars


Mars is smaller than Earth and therefore exerts a lower gravitational pull on objects on its surface, than does the Earth under the same conditions. As a simple exercise in percentages, multiplication and decimals, calculate what objects would weigh on Mars and other celestial bodies. The table below gives a gravitational G-Force for several bodies.

Although you can use any scales and any object, it is probably most interesting to see what each member of a class or group, including the teacher or leader, would weigh if they could stand on different celestial objects. Use a set of bathroom scales to find the Earth weight and then input the result below. The answers will appear in the table.

State kilograms or pounds

Calculate your weight on different celestial bodies!

Input your weight:   kilograms or pounds   

Celestial Object Earth Mars Moon Jupiter Sun
G-Force 1.00 0.38 0.17 2.54 27.80
Your Weight (kg force equivalent)
Your Weight (lbs force equivalent)

Note that we are using the mass terms of kilograms and pounds to express weight because no-one ever knows their weight in Newtons, which really is the correct term for Force that should be used.

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