1. How long is a Martian Year?

2. Who wrote "War of the Worlds"?

3. What is the name of the largest volcano in the Solar System?

4. What is Mars atmosphere made of, primarily?

5. If you weigh 100 kg on Earth, what would you weigh on Mars?

6. What was the name of the first vehicle on Mars?

7. Is a patera: a) a steep-sided valley or canyon , b) a type of dry river-bed, c) a large, flat volcano?

8. What makes Mars look red or orange?

9. Can a parachute be used on Mars?.

10. Which British Artist was commissioned to paint the Beagle 2 lander on Mars?

11. Why is the southern Martian winter colder than the northern one?

12. Did the Viking Mission biology experiments find life on Mars?

13. Mars was the Roman god of what?

14. What was the ancient Greek name for Mars?

15. What is the Valles Marineris named after?

16. Name the moons of Mars

17. What is the place of Meteorite ALH 84001 in Martian history?

18. Approximately how long does each season last on Mars in months?

19. What is thought to be the origin of Mars' moons?

20. Which astronomer is associated with observation of the Martian canals - Hubble, Lowell, Herschel or Wilson?


1 687 days, 669 sols

2 H G Wells

3 Olympus Mons

4 Carbon dioxide

5 38 kg

6 Sojourner

7 c)

8 Iron oxide

9 Yes, but they must be big, because the atmosphere is thin

10 Damien Hirst

11 Mars in further from the Sun

12 No, officially, but the results are still controversial

13 War

14 Ares

15 The Mariner 9 Spacecrfat that discovered it.

16 Phobos & Deimos

17 It is the first Martian meteorite that was alleged to contain fossilised bacteria

18 5, but each season is of a different length

19 Asteroids, captured by Mars' gravity

20 Lowell

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