Creator & Executive Producer
Vicki Lynn, Satellite Events

Producers Web Producer -Nicky Gogan, Sink Digital Media
TV Producer -Susan Broe
Game Show -Producer Linda Wilson
Technical and webcam Producer- Charles Bickett, Camvista

Desmond Miller
Carli Goss
Jasmine Fitzpatrick

Space Scientist
Charlie Young

With the Support and participation of the Information Department of the Office of Education & Culture for the European Commission

Head of Information Department -Alain Dumort

Supporting Sponsors
Servecast, Camevista, Internet Exchange

With the Participation of
Nine schools from the London Borough of Redbridge
Redbridge IT Unit -Ron Metha -
Alison Seagrave
Basia Korczak

Participating Schools
Woodbridge High School
Valentines High School
Glade Primary School
Roding Primary School
Coppice Primary School
Highlands Primary School
Wanstead Church School
Parkhill Junior School
Mayfield School Of Technology

and the Irish students at ARTHOUSE in Dublin ,Ireland
Arthouse,Dublin: Simon Hurl IT Co-ordinator, Alison Crinion Venue Manager and Eileen Pearson CEO.
students Aran and Leon Fitzpatrick

Production Co-ordination
Video Student Production YCTV
Sabrina Guinness and Barney Girling
John Westwood' s student production team of Mayfield High School
Arthouse Alex Hall Digital Cameraman

Supporting Student Organizations
Nation1-Terah U. DeJong
Global Youth Action Network- Ben Qunito and Bremley Lyngdon
Netdays 2000

Production Support
Satellite Events Dublin team
Owen Binchy and Christine Desmond
US- Deb McFarland, Robert Jesuele, Maryilyn

Development Support
Maggie Byrant

TV and Multi Media
Director Michael Mooney

Nicky Gogan, Dan Patterson, Irish site producer and Sue Patterson
Caroline Cambell

Servecast- video streaming
Rachel Briscoe
Oliver Sands
Darragh Cuddy

for The Millennium Dome Experience
with special thanks to all of the production and operational staff of N.M.E.C.
and the Gandini Jugglers

Press Medialink, Ann Logan and Rachel O'Connor

Motion Capture Pilot.
David Haith
Liz Scully
Vicki Lynn

Special Thanks
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Maggie Byrant
Alain Dumort
Maria Kokkonen
Slyvia Fayan
Guillaume Heelivon
Cyril Perquay

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