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September 12, 2000.


The Guardians of the Millennium Web site ( will host the biggest ever live interactive World Game webcast played by schoolchildren all around the world on September 21st 2000.

This exciting event will be seen as a live streaming video event on the Guardians Web site and broadcast on a large screen at the Hanover World's Fair for the European Commission's World's Fair Education and Culture Day.

Teachers and students can watch and play The World Game live during the Web cast from The Guardians of the Millennium Web site on

The event will originate live from London at the Dome with five hundred school children from the London Borough of Redbridge . Also the event will also originate live from Arthouse Multimedia Centre in Dublin, Ireland with students form various schools around Dublin.

Students from around the world will be able to play, participate and answer questions about the areas of the earth and space that belong to us all and that need protecting. The Oceans, Antarctica, Information, Weather and Outer Space which according to the United Nations are Global Commons and belong to us all.

Vicki Lynn, Creator and Executive Producer of The Guardians of the Millennium Web site said: "My vision has always been to create a world game where children of the world can come together to create 'what if' scenarios to help safeguard the planet's future."

This event including parts of The Guardians site shows work and student projects made by and for kids. This event is being shot LIVE by YCTV, a student organization in London, which trains young people in all aspects of co ntemporary television production. Performing LIVE are five hundred students from various schools of London Redbridge and students from various schools in and around Dublin. The Guardians ' project has also been working with the global co-ordination of students, from Nation 1, which is part of the Junior Summit and MIT Media Lab, from The Global Youth action Network and IEARN which are international student Internet networks sustained by and for kids in over 100 countries.

The Guardians of the Millennium World Game is being sponsored in part by The Information Department of the European Commission's Office of Education and Culture; by Servecast; Europe's leading audio and visual content delivery network and Camvista; Europe's leading Web cam experts.

Working with Vicki Lynn, of Satellite Events Enterprises, Inc. the Executive Production Company, are a team of experts from live television, computer graphics, multimedia, game shows, Sink Digital Media, The Guardians' Web design company, and with video streaming provided by Servecast.

To see the event live on the Internet please go to The Guardians of the Millennium Web site on and click on the World Game, please download in advance the RealPlayer: it will take approximately one hour to do this, and instructions are on the site. You can then watch the event live from the Guardians site.

If you have Realplayer and want to link directly to the video stream:

Time: Dublin/London: 4.30pm.approx

Hanover/ Paris: 5.30pm. approx

New York: 11:30am approx

Los Angeles: 08.35am. approx

Toyko 12:30 Sept 22 approx

Date: Thursday 21st September 2000.

LIVE Venue: The Dome in London and Arthouse in Dublin, or

Please arrive at the venue half an hour in advance of the live event.

To attend the event live at the Dome in London, or at Arthouse in Dublin, please contact Vicki Lynn or Rachel O'Connor (Dublin)

Irish Press/Publicity contact:

Rachel O'Connor: 086 839 47 97 or Email:

Executive Producer:

Vicki Lynn.

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Ireland: 00(011) 35 31 287-1174 - Cell: 00 (011) 35 38 680 31262
L.A. (00)1 310-576-9217 Fax (00)1-310-576-0897
UK: London + (0207) 806 1000.c/o Covent Garden Hotel as of Sept 17th click on World Game for the World's Fair

If you are going to the Dome please confirm attendance with Vicki Lynn. To get to the Dome by tube, please go via the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich station.

For PRESS: the entrance is The Media Centre outside North Greenwich tube Station.

For VIP GUESTS: please use Passholders entrance at Building A which is on the left as you make your way to the turnstiles.

Anyone wishing to park should pre-book spaces with Rachel Faulkner on 0208 293 8754

If you are going to Arthouse please confirm attendance with Rachel O'Connor.

Note to editors:
The Guardians of the Millennium has been an umbrella project of the European Commission's Netd@ys 1999, which reached more than 50,000 classrooms in Europe as well as distributed as a global project through the United Nation's Cyberschoolbus Network reaching classrooms in more than 100 countries, the Teams Distance Learning Network within the US that reaches classrooms across thirty states, the UNESCO network and various other student networks around the world including Nation 1, I EARN, and Youthlink.


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